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Italian / Japanese Restaurant

Kurobota is a culinary adventure that takes you on a nomadic journey to savor a “contrast” of experiences, memories and flavors, fused together on your plate.

Our mission

A mix of Mediterranean passion,
Asian precision and personal spirit.

The kitchen reflects the lands, peoples and cultures that,
based on experiences and trips, have been the result of inspiration.

Instinctively absorb aromas, create connections,
all expressed through the sensory language of food.

The kitchen

Daring, surprising, playful,
consistent with the personality of Pamela Menegoli,
her cooking blends the traditions and techniques of different cultures,
especially Italian and Japanese.

Also designed for sharing,
the menu defies categorization.

What unites each dish are exceptional ingredients sourced from small island
farms and specialty growers who share our commitment to sustainability and seasonality.


“Growing up in Emilia, Italy, I was taught that simplicity is a virtue and provenance is everything. I love the rule of simplicity that enhances certain elements, enhanced by techniques I’ve learned in kitchens around the world.”


“A lifelong passion for cooking was ignited on my grandmother’s stove in Emilia, rolling meatballs and making tortellini by hand. I started working at 15, studied hard at different schools and helped open a restaurant at 23, got my first star at 24 and then went back to traveling the world, cooking in some of the best restaurants in the world.”

The atmosphere

A neutral, rustic but elegant place at the same time, in a neighborhood that crosses cultures, Nordic, Spanish, island and Italian, where the old wood of the ceilings and tables, as well as the bar, are natural but essential elements deliberately coherent with the style.

Terracotta colored fabrics that recall the color of the sun in its variations, the degradation of the island’s sunsets. A calming monochromatic cream color and dim lighting at night set the stage for lively conversations around the table or bar, where guests can showcase the energy of the open kitchen.

During the day, a quick menu and a more cheerful atmosphere. An intimate and discreet antidote to the traditional scene.

The experience

We bring to the table an insatiable curiosity and a common spirit.
Ignite unexpected connections through surprising flavor combinations. This easy conviviality is at the heart of Kurobota, which means “something beyond”, an unexpected “contrast”, a special gift that the host gives to the guest.